School Fundraising with DoodleNoodle

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School fundraising with DoodleNoodle is easy and highly profitable.



DoodleNoodle is an amazing way to raise funds for your school or organization.


Fundraising is totally optional, but it’s super easy, and it can be really successful.


There are two ways DoodleNoodle can help you raise money. First, you can choose to raise the price by a few dollars above the base price.



Without a fundraiser, the price per shirt is $15 for a single-sided shirt.
(There is a $3 surcharge for double-sided shirts. See –  How Much Does it Cost? for classes with fewer than 15)


Please note that increasing the price from $15 to $16 increases your fundraising by $3 per shirt


You can also ask parents to donate additional funds beyond your purchase price. 100% of these additional donations go to your school.



We make the process easy by collecting all the parents sign up information online.


And parents buy their shirts directly from our website, so you don’t have to collect any checks.


We even tell the teachers who has already purchased, so they can encourage parents to buy in time for the best group price.


When we’re finished printing your DoodleShirts, we’ll send a check with the proceeds to your school or organization.


It’s that easy! No knocking on doors! No begging! And DoodleShirts are sugar and gluten free!



Best by far the best way DoodleNoodle can help raise funds is through the second way, which we call DoodleShare.


Just by telling your friends on social media, “Hey, this was a lot of fun” you can help your school earn thousands of additional dollars.


And here’s how it works.


First, your school or organization can sign up to receive a very special coupon code.


When parents and teacher share this coupon code with their friends by e-mail or social media, their friends receive a discount on their own purchases.


When your friends click on your code, it takes them to our website where they can learn how their own friends can raise funds through DoodleNoodle.


At the same time, your special code also tells us at DoodleNoodle that it was your school that shared.


So when a friend’s school does their own fundraiser, your school receives one dollar every time parents purchase a DoodleShirt using your special coupon code.


If all the parents and teachers at your school share, you can receive thousands of dollars of fundraising as schools all across America purchase DoodleShirts.


What’s more, your school can even earn funds over the summer!  Just forward your special coupon code to family reunions, sports teams and summer camps and watch your income grow!


We even give you tools and training to make sharing easier. And you can use a portal to see how much you are earning.


If you want to encourage you school to raise funds with DoodleNoodle, forward this link to your schools parent-teacher organization.


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